kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini Tour

kathmandu chitwan lumbini tour

Major highlights

-One of the best Historical tour in Kathmandu

-Natural sightseeing and Museum tour in Kathmandu

-UNESCO World Heritage site travel

-Views of the ultimate Mountain in Pokhara

-The is all about customs and cultural in Pokhara

-It is a fact that Gautama Buddha was born in Nepal

– Buddhists Monastrary and pilgrimage tour in Lumbini

Nepal is considered as the dreamland for tourism in the eye of the world. We are definitely popular for culture and proud history. Kathmandu heritage tour leads you to the historical and cultural sites within a valley and are those sites that are enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage site mostly researcher, Historian, archaeologists and students who have preferred this destination for visiting. This type of tour is really new and different experience tastes for the tourist to make it as a lifetime experience by visiting Kathmandu Pokhara and Lumbini tour

Those tourists who have a real keen desire and enthusiasm for knowing the history, lifestyle, archaeology, art, civilization will definitely get an opportunity to flourish the innovation of novel supervision in human civilization. Kathmandu Pokhara Lumbini tours include total range out of ten world heritage sites of the capital valley are enlisted in the UNESCO Heritage site, especially eight of them are cultural importances and similarly two of them carry the name of historical significance which is an astonishing tour in such areas in Nepal.

The capital city Kathmandu valley includes three ancient places Bhaktpur, Lalitpur and Kathmandu which is also known as the city of temples more than houses with the remarkable significance of cultural hub from the many decades. There is a variety of aged old temples, arts, cultural, the civilization of the local people, stupas, gambas, monasteries including the historical civilization and settlements are totally infatuations of this valley. The heritage sites in the valley represent a long history and the civilization during the time of the Malla dynasty period, the Medival period, and an ancient Lichhavi period in Nepal’s history. The organizes in the Kathmandu includes the commences with the variety of new experience visiting the Kathmandu Durbar Square. This place will definitely take you to the Medieval culture and historic eras with an amazing medieval art philosophy culture and living styles of that that will make you unconventional visit a lifetime experience. The amazing thing you should really know about is the Kumari popularly known as ‘ a living Goddess’ will see you at the Kathmandu durbar square. It is also believed as Kumari gives us blessings for a healthy and better life in the future. Most people feel blessed to see her for a second. 

The next one cultural heritage site is the Swyambhunath stupa also known as the Monkey Temple. It is the oldest stupa in the cultural history of  Nepal with the time interval of ten years-long civilization. You will find yourself for a moment a lucky one because you are observing two hundred years back old swayambhunath architecture. In this place, we can see the entire Kathmandu valley from the types of the monkey temple. Here also comes a Boudhanath as the popular and valuable attraction of the Kathmandu valley. It is also the biggest stupa and is located in Bouddha in the capital. This place attracts thousands of domestic and international visitors around the globe.  This place is especially for Buddhist prayer or followers. The most important place in Nepal for attracting millions of visitors throughout the world is the Lord Pashupatinath Temple. It is located in the bank of holy river Bagmati and made with the beautiful and drastic beautiful architecture and ancient arts. Most of the people who follow Hinduism used to come and pray. They celebrate the Mahasivaratri as a most amazing occasion and millions of pilgrims visit around the world.

Talking about the Pokhara a beautiful and paradise for world tourism. It is covered with the beautiful mountains and the natural scenario, In its north sides there is a beautiful mountain and also has green forests, clean and blue wide lakes in the central of the city, friendly environment, the awesome respects and hospitality of the locals will definitely make your holiday awesome,  fabulous and meaningful. Pokhara is taken as the hub place for risk-taking activities or adventure activities. The beautiful science of Phewa Lake with the boating will feel you an awesome experience. It includes a device falls, Seti river, Mahendra cave, Barahi temple in the middle are definitely major attractions of Kathmandu Pokhara and Lumbini tour. You can also experience the food local people during a hike to the Sarangkot hill with amazing adventure activities of Paragliding in this tour. It also has an amazing and cultural place called Binybasini temple and also considered as that it was built in the 16th century. It totally represents the ancient art, lifestyles, civilization of the local people in those sites which makes the destination more and more interesting and important. In this temple Goddess, Durga is strongly worshipped and also sacrifices of the animals are especially offered by the Hindus religion people. The popular place called Mahendra Gufa called ChaMare gufa the special attraction of this place it also has the numbers of bats inside this cave.

Another most Important site Lumbini, It is the birthplace of Lord Gautama Buddha. It is the home to the many Buddhists pilgirimage around the world. The rise in the millions number of tourists from around the world especially, Chinese in this holy place leads to better revenue earning for the country Nepal as tourism activities. There you may visit a sacred garden which is spread about in the area of 8 square km with all the treasures of the historical importance sites. Maya Devi temple is also another attraction for tourists and is also going for reconstruction activities. This kind of tour will make you motivate to protect the different cultural and historical sites of different people in the World. 

Kathmandu Pokhara Lumbini tour is the amazing experience tour you will ever gonna feel in another part of the world, it is also totally related to the historical, cultural tour. The amazing experience can be taken as the most beautiful nature gifted Waterfalls caves and The beautiful Himalayans in the place of Pokhara.

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kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini Tour