langtang Gosainkunda Trek

langtang gosainkunda trek

Let’s discover the tranquil nature and the enriching culture of the local people Sherpa and

Tamang by trekking to the Lantang Gosaikunda trek. This is the roof to the shy Red panda and Lantang valley that also offers to the colorful and beautiful rhododendron forests, holy lakes, glaciers, glittering and rivers. The people who want to explore the different trails inside the trekking of Lantang National Park while we are observing the great views of a snowing and snow-covered mountains. For these reasons besides the cheese factory with the different handmade produce, holy Gosaikunda lake, waterfalls are other highlights of trekking. Furthermore, you will definately be able to enjoy all walking throughout the mist that is covered with trails that also looked over by the beautiful and majestic mountains and different mists of Buddhist followers Monastries.

 The trekking to this region is started with a tour around the UNESCO World Heritage Sites from the capital city of Kathmandu. We started visiting the holy places of Kathmandu they are Buddhists pilgrimage Boudhanath, Pashu[atinath, Monkey temple i.e Swyambhunath with all the symbolism of excellence of Nepalese architectural skill of Patan durbar square. Then, the actual trek will begin on from Syaprubesi village at the bank of the beautiful river of Bhote Koshi, after a short drive from the point of Kathmandu. Now, also moving on further all traverse also along the Lantang river and through the oak valley, bamboo forests, rhododendron reaching on higher altitudes. After walking through the hotel and a Lantang village and we will reach to the ancient Kyanjin Gompa. This is also an ancient monastery dating that will back around 1300 AD taht also shows to the Buddhist practices and the rituals. 

From the point of this destination, we will up to the Kyanjin Ri and we will backtrack to the village i.e Syabru Besi on the Sing Gompa. After that, we reach the Gosainkunda lake which is the main important highlights of our trek in this region trek. According to the Hindu Mythological sense, Gosainkunda lake is formed when Lord Shivaji pierced a glacier with the help of his Trident. It is also believed that the holy water surfaces which are in the Kumbeshwar pool next to the five-storied Shiva mandir in the Patan durbar square. Then when we start exploring all the major of Lakes of the Bhairab Kunda and Saraswati Kunda. We may have traveled through the Ghopte to reach the Lauribinanayak pass at an altitude of 4610m above sea level.  The people come to Nepal for trekking, they can also see amazing views of mt. Manaslu, Mt.Ganesh and mount Lirung from also at the top of the pass. In the last format also that our trek will advance through Chisapani, Sundarijal and mt. Langtang Lirung and we will back to the capital city after the completion of our adventurous trek.

In conclusion, Ou trek will offer you to the cultural richness, natural beauty, Strong Hindu faith and peacefulness of Buddhism. This is also a definately a moderately strenuous trek, that will also need to be more physical ability and fit that also makes us walk for about a 6 to 7 hours a day. In the last view, we will recommend to the traveler in the September to December and March to May as the best time for visiting this in Nepal.


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langtang Gosainkunda Trek