Manaslu Base Camp Trek

manaslu base camp trek

Some Highlights of Manaslu trip 

-Experience the amazing view of more than ten peaks which is over 6,500 m and also a few of them over 7,000m.

-Witness the historical Buddhist monuments, experience the local people and beautiful rural village, see the amazing tradition, culture, and art of the residents.

-Fascinating flora and fauna, high glacier lakes, Natural scenery, and majestic top Himalayan ranges make the route most amazing event in life.

-Trekking towards the Manaslu conservation area which extents about the size of 1,663 sq. km.

Manaslu base camp trek is the adventure trekking with all types of cultural wonders and incredible nature. It is the base of the mountain called Manaslu in the district of Gorkha which is inside the Manaslu conservation area. It is made up of the area of  1,663 sq. km in the hills Mandiri which is at the ranges of elevation from 1,400m to the Manaslu region at the height of 8,156 m. Manaslu base trek offers the stunning views of other mountains that surround it. Some of them are Ganesh Himal, Manaslu Himal, Lamjung Himal, and Shringi. Due to the ultimate variation in the different altitudes of the region with beautiful flora and fauna that includes the different snow leopard, rare and endangered animals and lastly many of blue sheep. 

Talking about the different cultures and the tradition of this place or the destination is such a beautiful and completely amazing than another one in the different parts of the world. There is also a Tibet village in this destination, beautifully made Gompas, a variety of stones with a dynamic Tibetan script that is carved in them, Chorten and different large numbers of prayers. They are quite mysterious and completely different for travelers from another part of the world and we are already rich in the significance of traditions and culture. In this destination, the best and amazing discoveries during the adventurous trek are that every individual can experience both of the religious Buddhists and Hindus which are in the form of residing in this place. 

Talking about the people and the harmony relation between the individuals and the culture is perfect and can be appreciated with memorable for the tourists traveling such a destination.

There are also Typical Tibetian style houses and the villages which have a very peaceful appeal to this place which is almosts far away from the city lights and the beautiful stars that is suddenly seem to have the multiplied of many times. This area is almost less popular but equally important than others, so as to reasons who are looking for the serene of the wilderness with a minimally disturbed culture tat they welcome in a trek. Keep in mind that this trek requires the long stretches of hiking with almost strenuous at times. In the end, it is good for all those with good physical abilities and fitness. so never miss the chance to explore the Manaslu trekking trail to get new experience in life. 

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Manaslu Base Camp Trek