Mera Peak Climbing

mera peak climbing

Mera peak climbing is the process of climbing the submit to  Mera Peak above the altitude of the 6,461 m. It is also one of the most popular and highest trekking peaks in Nepal. The trek to the Mera peak is preferable during the time of spring and the autumn seasons which is also known as ultimate and the best time to climb the mountain for the astonishing view of the Himalayan vistas. There are also  8,000 m peaks that are almost visible from submitting includes different Himalayans such as Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Everest, Cho Oyu, and Lhotse. Himalayan Glacier is also taken as the organized first climbing trip directly in the time of 1992. Most of the agency also designed with all kinds of steady ascent with a separate day which set aside in the khare to meet plenty of time interval for acclimatization.

The different types of the usual route to the place of Mera peak climbing can be accessible by the Zatra La Pass in that region. In the same way following the route to the destination has some disadvantages. In this place, we do not visit through the beautiful Nepalese wilderness but we can go through the quaint villages which will definitely lead us to a glimpse of the rich culture of the locals. since the route from where we travel through a route which is longer and also it is better for the acclimatization. Mera peak climbing is the best experiences and it can be an excellent option for the moderate mountaineering experiences you will ever get in another life. Due to the extraordinary elevation, the trekking is quite challenging and but also technical skills must be needed for the requirements is the basic. The Himalayans Glaciers guide sherpa will give us some important methods and some of the technical terms in the mountaineering training before the trip of the actual summit.

In the beginning, what should we need to do for Mera peak via the remote destination of the Panch Pokhari in the Hinku Valley to the khare? To make the day for climbing the Mera park shorter and enjoyable and we have to set the high camp of 5800 m. In the high camp on a rocky shelf behind a large vertical rock in this region and also provides some of the degrees of the shelter. In this place, there is also a panoramic view from the Mera peak which is truly a breathtaking thing at that moment. The climbing to the Mera peak summit climbing starts in the early morning time and this type of climbing in the Mera peak from the northern route. It is also particularly involved in the gradual climbing with the outstanding mountain as a panoramic view in the right sight.

The almost view from the submit in the one of the best Himalayas in Nepal. You will get all the gears with all fully supported in the tented camp and mountain monarch always to provide in the personal and a group of climbing sports and climbing boots.

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Mera Peak Climbing