Pokhara City Tour

pokhara city tour

Pokhara city tour is one of the most amazing city tours among different cities in Nepal. Just imagine about the boating in the serene of the river with the pinnacles of Annapurna region of massif, beautiful views or the sights of surroundings. Numbers of travelers from the different throughout and idea likewise ts, travelers and nature lovers come to Nepal to enjoy all these things. Pokhara tour will lead you to experience all kinds of major highlights in Pokhara for a single day. There are so many things to explore in just a single day is not absolutely enough for us. Most of the tourist visitors always say something about his beautiful land as heaven while the other one says its a paradise.

David’s Fall 

David’s fall is one of the popular waterfalls that lie at approximately 2 km in the southwest of Pokhara on the destination highway which takes the tourists to Tansen. In the past time, a foreigner comes to Nepal named David accidentally fallen down into the underground passage in the fall of beneath when he was almost enjoying his swimming in the Pardi Khola near David’s fall. So this fall was given the name i.e David’s fall. The waterfall in this David fall looks very stunning which is the center of attraction for all kinds of tourists traveling to Nepal.

Gupteshwor Temple

One of the mysterious destination in the Pokhara city tour i.e cave that lies near the stunning David’s fall. The cave itself a mysterious in some sense that preserves a phallic in the form of Lord Shiva taht is also called Shivalinga and also holds high value amongst the Hindu pilgrims in this destination. As a Shiva lingam is in the cave so that it is popularly known as Gupteshwor temple and also cave at the same time is known as Gupteshwor Gufa. Many kinds of Hindu pilgrims lie around the world that aslo visits this kind of place with a high number of importances.

Fewa Lake 

 A beautiful destination that comes to a picture of Pokhara city is the Phewa Lake. We can ride in the few lakes with different kinds of colorful boats, coffee shops, and shops that stalled with different kinds of books and accessories. Fewa Lake itself a beautiful and an attractive and pleasing place where we can spend our maximum time see this place. There is a cinematic view of Annapurna massif on a type of clear day with all those of glimpse of Mt. Fishtail to the undistributed amount of water on the lake and also someone who visits a lakeside that shows truely a fascinating. You can even do boating on the Phewa Lake and also enjoy visiting a temple which is almost placed in between the like that is called Baharahi temple.


International Mountaineering Museum

The International Mountaineering museum in an alluring type of museum that is placed at the gateway for the trekking destination route that obviously leads to the Annapurna region of the country. The extraordinary record which is almost successful for the trekkers, try to climb the mountains that lie above the height of eight thousands of high mountains taht are already enlisted in the museum. It also makes the important records of all of their major human activities that are almost inside the Annapurna region and maintains the different records of all the major human activities.

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Pokhara City Tour