Tsum Valley Trek

tsum valley trek

Some highlights of Tsum Valley trek

-the trekking trail is quite comfortable and moderate which are joint to the Himalayas with different beautiful sections with full adventure.

-The people with the cultural expedition of the different local community and ethnic local in Manaslu.

-Loads of beautiful views of Manaslu and the surrounding environment of mountain ranges.

-The place of wildlife and vegetation which showcase the subtropical climate of this region and high hills.

-The beauty of historical significance and beauty of pilgrims and shrines with the fantastic architectural views such as Rachen Gompa and Gompa.

– The magical views of sunset and sunrise and the scenic landsca[es of the Himalayans.

-.Lower Himalayans and the chill cuisine with different Chauri dairy products of yaks.

-The level of authentic trek experience is also lesser they traveled of restricted sections of the Tsum valley of these regions.


Tsum valley trek is like an unmatched pearl in the history of the trek in the central himalayas of Nepal.The wide range of fantastic landscapes, Rich Tsum culture, Preplexing views of mountains and different traditions of the Manaslu region that makes the trek which is open to the outside world. One can even accept the terms of unexcepted things here in this region. The Tibetan art and the influence of the culture of place alongside the different mountains with the way living is ultimately a way of living a unique experience to play and enjoy such activities. The dress, magical arts, smiley faces, warm hospitality and Vibrant ornaments of all the people living here as beautiful memory forever.

 The great monasteries, streets, and Mt. Manasluthat stands tall in the different horizons of each and every destination here a thrilling story that also shares back to home. The place is virgin and untouched by the systematic and technological modernization of art of living they passed from Tsum valley, generations that are also truly and heavenly delighted.

 Such as the restricted area of must of places that have also authorized to enter for permits and also explore the Tsum valley of this region. The different type of mountains flowers, precious herbs and rare animals here it can also balance the ecosystem. We must also enjoy our trekking sessions that are responsibly once a while entering the Manaslu of Conservation area of this region. They walk in the pristine trails and the way of discovering oneself of this place. Doing all the minor hiking portions that are embedded with the interval of this trek, so you will be able yo complete the fantastic trekking regions of this place. 

The ultimate views of the Sringi Himal with the height of 7161m above sea level, Baudha Himal with 6,672 m above sea level, and the whole of Ganesh Himal and Manaslu region 8163 m above sea level that also provides the great boundaries with great memories. Even one can also overlap the Tsum valley and a trekking destination with major local festivals of Saka Dawa, Lhosar, Dhachyang and fanning for the different bonus of religious showcasing and bonus cultural.

Tsum Valley Trek Detail itinerary:

Day 1: Drive to Soti Khola (700m) From Kathmandu; 7-8 hours Drive

We will drive from Kathmandu valley to Arughat Soti Khola and on around 8 hours of driving we will reach there. We will reach there through Dhading Besi which is the headquarter of Dhading Districts. Roads are full of dust but the beautiful cliffs and mountains distract us from those dust and dusk. After reaching Arughat Soti Khola which is our trekking point. We will stay at one of the lodge over there and wait for the next sunshine to start our trek.

Day2: Trek to Machha Khola (887m); 6 hrs walk

This is the day when we start our trek. We will walk through the sal forest and beautiful waterfall on the steep. We will walk through the rocky trails. We will pass through the rice terrace and eventually reach the Gurung Village of Laubesi. We will walk on ascended as well as a descended cliff. After the up and down trek, we will see the Budhi Gandaki meanders. After moving down we will reach Machha Khola. That night we will spend at Machha Khola and release our tiredness.

Day3: Trek to Jagat (1345m) 6-7 hrs walk

This day we are going to trek through the narrow trails where we need to walk up and down then we come to the river Tharo and finally reach Khola Besi. After walking for a while we will see the small hot spring and then reach Tatopani. We will cross the Budhi Gandaki after climbing the ridge. After crossing the Doban Khola we will climb the bumpy trail to Duban. We will climb up the Budhi Gandaki, we will finally reach to Yaru Khola. The roads are uneven so at first, we will cross the Yaru Khola and then climb up the stone stairs and come down to the river and again climb up the stone stairs to Tharo Bharyang. After crossing the bank of Budhi Gandaki river and following through it we will reach the Jagat Village. The trek will make us feel very tired so we will spend our night at Jagat and then rest on time so that we can collect energy for the next trek.

Day4: Trek to Lokpa (2240m), 6hrs walk

We need the permit for the Annapurna Conservation Area Project before starting the project. So we will first take the permit and start our trek. We will walk up to the Salleri and walk down to the Sirdibas. After walking for a while we will reach Ghatta Khola. We will see the hanging bridge on the way. We will walk up the Philim valley where the Japanese made school and Police Station are situated. The majority of the people are Gurung in this valley. After walking toward the forest at the north we will see lots of narrow valleys and walking through the Gum Pul we will finally reach our destination i.e.Lokpa. That night we will spend at Lokpa.

Day5: Trek to Chumling (2386m) (Lower Tsum); 4-5 hrs walk

We will trek downward from the Lokpa to the river Lungwa. The difficult cliff comes on the way which takes us to the place Gumlung. On the way, we will see the pines and rhododendrons. After crossing the river Siyar we will finally reach Chumling from where we can see the beautiful scenario of Shringi Himal. The beautiful stone street takes us to the Chumling Gompa. We will spend our night at the lodge over there.

Day6: Trek to Chhokangparo (3031m); 4-5 hrs walk

This day we will start our trek by crossing the suspension bridge. On the way, we will see the beautiful scenario of Ganesh Himal. We will walk from Rainjam to Serpu River by crossing the bridge and finally will reach Gho Village. After climbing up for an hour we will reach the Tsum and walking through it we will reach the village Chhokangparo. The mesmerizing view of Himalchuli and Ganesh Himal release is whole day tiredness. We will spend our night at Chhokangparo.

Day7: Trek to Nile (3347m) via Milarepa Cave, 5-6hrs walk

On this day we will travel through Ngakyu, Leru, and Lama Gaun. We will come upon the cave. There is a belief among the people that Saint Milarepa used to meditate in this cave. We need to pay a prescribed fee to enter the cave. Locals call the cave by its name Piren Phu which refers to Pigeon cave. We will pass through the Burji, Phurba and Pangdun village where we will see the big Buddhist stupa which will blow our mind. After a walk, we reach Chhule and Nile. We will spend our night at the Nile.

Day8: Excursion Mu Gompa (3700m) and Dhephyudonma Gompa (4060m) 5-6 hrs walk.

Tibetan Border is not too far from us now. Walking through the Tibetan landscapes we will reach Mu Gompa. We will come upon the monasteries and move to the Dhempu Doma Gompa. This Day we will come upon the beautiful places of Mu Gompa region. Mu Gompa is a Substantial monastery in this region. It is situated at the most remote part of Tsum valley. We will visit the Mugompa area and spend our night at the Nile .

Day9: Trek to Chhekamparo (3031m), 4-5hrs walk

This day will probably be the easiest trek from the Nile to Chhekamparo. We will walk through the Lar village and come upon the Rachen Gompa. Rachen Gompa is also named as Nunnery Gumpa. After we reach the suspension bridge, our trek to Chhekamparo lies the same way. We will reach Chhekamparo soon and will spend the night at Cheekamparo.

Day10: Trek to Gumpa Lungdang (3200m), 6hrs walk

This day we are moving downward from Chhekamparo and will reach No . We will see the Dumje Bridge and crossing it we will reach the Tibetan Traditional Clinic which is also called Amchi. We can see the nun teaching other nun. We will be offered Tibetan tea over there. After walking upward we will reach Gumba Lungdang. We will stay at the Gumpa Lungdung that night.

Day11: Hike to Ganesh Himal Base Camp (4200m)

We will hire a guide for this hike. Since the trails are not clear we need a guide for this hike. We will move downward from the nun’s house and walk up and down through dusty and muddy roads through the forest. We have to walk through the river Laudang and cross through the wooden bridge. We will walk through the pristine pines and rhododendrons. After walking for a while we will reach a hut in a kharka and we will see the flat grassland beyond the moraine of the Toro Gumapa. We need to climb upward until we will reach Yak Huts. After reaching there we will see the mesmerizing Cirque of mountains. We can locate them here. We will see another base come on a map but there is no specific trail for it so it’s better to return to Gumba Lungdang as soon as possible. If we are on time we will get a chance to attend the evening puja. This day we might be affected by altitude but the view of forest and mountains helps us get rid of tiredness. We will spend our night at Monastery.

Day12: Trek to Lokpa, 6-7 hrs walk

This day we are heading downward to Lokpa. We will walk through the pine and rhododendron forest. We will walk through the village named Eklai Bhattai, Philim. We will again cross the Budhi Gandaki river and will reach Sirdibas and finally reach Jagat. We will spend this night at Jagat.

Day13: Trek to Lapubesi 6-7 hrs walk

This day our trek goes downward to Bagar. We will soon reach the suspension bridge and will reach the Cantilever bridge which was built after the earthquake that hit Nepal. After the earthquake, the Manaslu trekking trail was badly damaged. After walking along the Dovan, Tatopani, Khola Besi we will finally reach Lapubesi. We will spend that night at Lapubesi.

Day14: Trek to Arughat, approximately 6-7 hrs walk

After having the wonderful trek for 13 long days we will finally be at the last day of trekking. We will follow the trails from Lapu Besi to Arughat. We will spend our night at Arughat.

Day 15: Drive to Kathmandu from Arughat, 7-8hrs drive

Today we need to return to Kathmandu so we will take a local bus since the tourist bus is not accessible from Arughat. But we can book a private Jeep to feel comfortable while traveling back to Kathmandu. After reaching Kathmandu we will have dinner together and get your stuff ready for your next day move from Kathmandu.

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Tsum Valley Trek