Tsum Valley Trek

tsum valley trek

Some highlights of Tsum Valley trek

-the trekking trail is quite comfortable and moderate which are joint to the Himalayas with different beautiful sections with full adventure.

-The people with the cultural expedition of the different local community and ethnic local in Manaslu.

-Loads of beautiful views of Manaslu and the surrounding environment of mountain ranges.

-The place of wildlife and vegetation which showcase the subtropical climate of this region and high hills.

-The beauty of historical significance and beauty of pilgrims and shrines with the fantastic architectural views such as Rachen Gompa and Gompa.

– The magical views of sunset and sunrise and the scenic landsca[es of the Himalayans.

-.Lower Himalayans and the chill cuisine with different Chauri dairy products of yaks.

-The level of authentic trek experience is also lesser they traveled of restricted sections of the Tsum valley of these regions.


Tsum valley trek is like an unmatched pearl in the history of the trek in the central himalayas of Nepal.The wide range of fantastic landscapes, Rich Tsum culture, Preplexing views of mountains and different traditions of the Manaslu region that makes the trek which is open to the outside world. One can even accept the terms of unexcepted things here in this region. The Tibetan art and the influence of the culture of place alongside the different mountains with the way living is ultimately a way of living a unique experience to play and enjoy such activities. The dress, magical arts, smiley faces, warm hospitality and Vibrant ornaments of all the people living here as beautiful memory forever.

 The great monasteries, streets, and Mt. Manasluthat stands tall in the different horizons of each and every destination here a thrilling story that also shares back to home. The place is virgin and untouched by the systematic and technological modernization of art of living they passed from Tsum valley, generations that are also truly and heavenly delighted.

 Such as the restricted area of must of places that have also authorized to enter for permits and also explore the Tsum valley of this region. The different type of mountains flowers, precious herbs and rare animals here it can also balance the ecosystem. We must also enjoy our trekking sessions that are responsibly once a while entering the Manaslu of Conservation area of this region. They walk in the pristine trails and the way of discovering oneself of this place. Doing all the minor hiking portions that are embedded with the interval of this trek, so you will be able yo complete the fantastic trekking regions of this place. 

The ultimate views of the Sringi Himal with the height of 7161m above sea level, Baudha Himal with 6,672 m above sea level, and the whole of Ganesh Himal and Manaslu region 8163 m above sea level that also provides the great boundaries with great memories. Even one can also overlap the Tsum valley and a trekking destination with major local festivals of Saka Dawa, Lhosar, Dhachyang and fanning for the different bonus of religious showcasing and bonus cultural.

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Tsum Valley Trek