Upper Mustang Trek

upper mustang trek

The upper mustang trek brings you to the hidden treasure and the heaven of the piece in this real world. It is the hidden world which is completely dominated by the Buddhist Kingdom and it is also called as Lo. Lo, and it was used to be a part of the Tibetan empire. Therefore it is closely tied with the Tibetan culture and it is unspoiled in nature. Mustang is lyings in the rain shadow of the Dhaulagiri massif by creating which is ruggedly arid land completely surrounded by the different rocks mixed with all kinds of colors. It is even shortens festooned with prayer flags which also adds a amazing splash of color to the landscapes.

This trail will lead us to the ancient salt caravan route through the Mustang people traded the salt for the grain from the lowlands. The goal and strategy of the Upper Mustang trek are to grow the capital of the upper Mustang, Lo Manthang. Trekking forms the Lo pass at an altitude of 3950 m above sea level, so as you can also see the complete walled of medieval capital in the distance. It is a completely mindblowing scenario that there is also a whitewashed 6-meter tall wall sticking out in the widely sharp of contracts to the barren landscapes.

Now when we enter to Lo Manthang from the town gate which is also steeping in the different world, this world is also called the world of narrow alleyways, long walls, hidden chords of beautiful prayers of different wheels  and almost herds of animals sauntering taking from the fields of afternoon to the adjourn to their sheds on the city.

The interesting place in Lo Manthang which is a royal palace and a beautiful monastery likewise Thungchen Gompa and is also built in the fifteenth century. There is also a amchi museum and school. The amchi museum is a traditional style doctor. There is also a amchis who were living in Lo Manthang, there they are taken as a official doctor of the superior posts of country i.e king. There we can also see a school that also preserve ancient wisdom. You can hire a Tibetian ponies for a ride and excursion for a ride where you can also visit a monastery with a century of old cave dwelling that is situated at high in the rocks.

In the upper Mustang, there is a arid river valley that runs from the north to south on the upper corner of the trekking destination of the Annapurna circuit. The place is completely culturally and geographically which is more similar to Tibet than Nepal and also used in the form of own kingdom with an almost capital Lo man thang which is also a turn around point in this trek. It also lies in the rain shadow in the Himalayas and officially at the restricted regions made by the Nepal government. This trek is the thiller or it can be said as adventurous risk activities in the desert beauty and harsh with all the cliff-faced landscapes.

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Upper Mustang Trek